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Hudson Valley Window Treatment Pros

Hudson Valley Window Treatments

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When you find yourself in any circumstances regarding shading, window or blinds treatment, there is no need to try and deal with a large variety of different providers that simply overcomplicate the process. Hudson Valley Window Treatment Pros have the resources, industry expertise and experience to effectively handle each and every aspect of the entire process.

We approach our business in a unique and different way that you conventional and traditional window treatment company.

About Us

We are proud to provide a high quality product and service whilst maintaining industry leading customer service for our business partners, community and customers. The establishment of our company started over 10 years ago with two friends, a shop and a dream to help change the window treatment industry with hard work, innovation and advocacy. Throughout our time service the Hudson Valley area, we have been fortunate to build upon our business with the incredible support we receive from the local community, customers and businesses.


Our Services

Each service our team creates has undergone significant review to ensure we are serving a need and providing a solution for our community. A major aspect of making sure we are exceeding our customer’s expectations and meeting their needs is to assist our customers in creating their vision on paper and transforming that into a beautiful finished product. We work with some of the top designers to help you align the most suited window treatments available to spice up the look of your home or office. If you are unsure of what blinds may work best or what design would be ideal, do not fret.

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Window Treatments

People in general might seldom discus window treatments as the centerpiece of home decorating or design. Window treatments may not lead the category or rush to top of mind when thinking about home décor or interior design, however if you were to closely focus at your favorite design pictures in magazines, pintrest or Instagram, you might find that window treatments are far more common that you ever thought possible.

Custom Drapes

Could you imagine if we all had the exact same living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms? Your ability to artistically compliment your interior provides your space with a soul to your space that contributes to its functionality, livability and relaxation. That is exactly why we offer our service for custom drapes to our customers, business partners and community. We have an experienced design team to help you with all your custom drape needs while making sure we deliver an unmatched finished product that compliments the alignment and appeal of your space.

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beautiful custom drapes for windows

Blinds and Shade Installation

You may have already ordered your perfect set of blinds or shades for your home or office; however, the proper installation of these window treatments makes all the difference. You would not want your blinds or other window treatments handing off alignment or crooked, would you? Our group offers qualified and experienced installation services that are designed to provide convenience, quality and affordability. We offer competitive project pricing, professional independent installers as well as guaranteed labor.


Our team will provide our customers with a service that is unmatched throughout the industry or Hudson Valley area. We make sure to adhere to all our customers concerns while making sure we provide a service that is not soon to be forgotten. Our team of industry experts will handle the measuring, supplying, ordering and installation of your curtain treatments. When working with our company, you can rest assured you will receive prompt, transparent, honest and attentive service from each of our staff working on your project.

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woman opening her window shade
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Cellular Shades

Throughout the years we have been working with the local community, the installation of cellular shades are a common favorite due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Cellular shades are a window covering or treatment that is used to block or possible filter light while insulating windows to save energy efficiency. The blinds are systematically designed and engineered to be shaped almost like cells or honeycombs, which hold trapped air and establish somewhat of a barrier between the surface window and room. Through this kind of design and intend, cellular shades are able to lessen the transfer of heat and create a more energy efficient interior space. Our team is well versed with all different types and sizes of cellular shades. If you find yourself amongst a revision of your window treatments and are considering cellular shades, simply contact our customer service team and we will gladly schedule a consultation for you.

Motorized Blinds

All forms of window blinds are a very common and traditional choice for homeowners or business owners that are looking for privacy, glare control or energy efficiency. The popularity of blinds over the past 20 years or so is due to their sleek appearance, easy maintenance, and durability and general effectiveness. Each of these benefits, if not more, can be achieved with motorized blinds. Our team is equipped with the tools necessary to provide a well designed and custom fit to each and every one of your windows.

woman opening her window shade
close up to window blinds
completed big window blinds

“I had no idea the depth and variety that was available in the window shading field. I was overwhelmed initially but thankfully for this group we were able to find the blinds that suited our space. They walked us through the entire process and just made things so easy. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with such friendly and professional people. Thank You” Josh D.

“I was so happy to see the final installation of our blinds. I worked with this group for a long time and they were so great throughout the whole process. Honestly, I think if you are considering any kind of window treatment or shading, you have got to give this company a call – They are the experts for window blinds” Theresa P.

“Amazed and impressed with their quality and customer service. They really are a grade above the rest and it was a treat to work with them. I would be glad to highly recommend this company and their staff to any friends or family considering a window shade service” Belinda Y.

Contact Us Today

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond effectively and promptly to our customers. We employ a number of local knowledgeable staff to help us with providing solutions to our wide portfolio of local and state clients. When you contact our customer service center, a local window treatment expert that is likely to be familiar with your product, service or request will greet you. We make sure to avoid cutting any corners unlike our industry competition. To become the industry leader and trust local service provider, you must go a step further and align not only your customers but align your entire business with your customer’s needs and wants.